Sample-preparing machine MPL-300S
// is designed for the preparation of laboratory samples of coal and lignite, anthracite, shale oil and products of their enrichment grain size of not more than 300 mm and humidity:


– Brown coal – not more than 60%;
– Bituminous coal – not more than 18%
– Oil shale – no more than 17%.

It is possible to use a machine for the preparation of samples of minerals having similar charcoal characteristics (size, strength, etc.)

The machine can be a part of Samples of the cutting complex , including from the sampling device, transporting devices. If necessary, the machine can be installed independently, in a separate room.

The machine is adapted to work indoors.

Output: not less 6 t/h;
Size of initial material: not larger 300 mm;
Size of product: not larger 3 mm;
Sumple number: 3;
Humidity of initial material, not larger: lignite 60%, coal and anthracite 18%, shale 17%.
Regulated power, not lager: 37,6 kWt;
Overall dimension: 3165x2380x3400 mm (LхWхH);
Work regtime: manual and automatic;
Voltage: 380 V;
Frequency: 50 Hz;
Mass (without electric equipment): 6500 kg.