наладка пробоотборников и проборазделочных машин

Сhief installation and testing Novosibirsk region

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During the last week our engineers worked in the Russia, Novosibirsk region in an ore mining and processing enterprise. Supervision works and tests were carried out on the equipment for sampling and preparation of samples of bulk material (anthracite). This project was previously supplied with equipment: the bucket sampler PK-1.12-5 – 1 pc., the sampler PMM12-P – 1 pc., sample-preparing machines MPL-150M1R – 3 pcs. The equipment for sampling and sample preparation works in full at the customer’s site.

sampling design

Pre-inspection in Kazakhstan

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From 16 to 20 January 2017 our staff have been made investigations on the site of the equipment for sampling and preparation of coal samples for process quality control material in one of the Cogeneration Power Plant in the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the survey a preliminary list of the necessary equipment was formed. At the moment our experts are working on the installation of the technological scheme for the development of this project.

Пробоотборник буровой шнековый ПБШ-150

Sampler drilling screw

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In this article we will talk about our complex Sampler drilling screw PBSH-150. Our manufacturing plant designed and built the complex in 2007, during that time the company has supplied sampling systems for many enterprises in Russia and others countries. Sampler makes sampling of the railway open wagon using the drilling method. Next step the sample selected is supplied via a receiver in the sample cutting machine MPL-150M1R. The excess material after cutting is fed back into the wagon by the scraper conveyor.
The complex control system, provides control of all technological equipment complex of cabins probootborinka SHPD-150, which allows the selection and preparation of samples for one person, the operator SHPD-150.

Ремонт и сервис

Check for service

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At the end of November 2016 engineering staff LLC “STM Service” together with the specialists CJSC “Spetstehnomash” It has carried out site visits for service of one of the complexes PBSH-150.
It should be noted that the complex PBSH-150 performed well in the difficult work of Siberian weather. In Siberia there are cold and lots of snow but it is not a problem for the complex sampling.

Строительные работы и инжиниринг

Input control of coal quality

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Complexes of the input coal quality are realized in two fundamentally different ways:

sampling of the material loaded in open wagons;
sampling from the conveyor belt immediately after unloading.

The first option we offer a complex of drilling screw, mounted in proximity to the equipment for the rollover rail open wagons.

The second method is a sampler mounted perpendicularly on a conveyor belt. Sample cutting machine and conveyor are mounted on the lower elevations.

All probopodgotovitelnoe equipment that complies with GOST 10742-71 “Coal and peat, anthracite, bituminous shale and coal briquettes. Methods of selection and preparation of samples for laboratory tests.

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