Upgraded sampling systems
//For the input and process quality control of bulk materials

Sampling and sample-preparing machine

Complexes incoming inspection of material shipped in railway open wagons

Sampler drilling screw PBSH-150 - these complexes are located near rollover wagon equipment and allow for sampling simultaneously with unloading of the solid fuel. Sampler drilling screw PBSH-150 produces sampling of material shipped in open railway wagons, the drilling depth of up to 2.5 m. Further, the sample selected is fed through the receiver in sample-preparing machine MPL-150M1R.

Complexes control input material from the conveyor belt

Complexes input control material on the basis of sampler type PMM - Installed on conveyor belts directly after unloading material. PMM sampler mounted on becoming the conveyor and take samples directly from the conveyor belt, the dumping of the waste material is perpendicular to the axis of the conveyor. Bunker drive, gate valve, sample-preparing machine MPL-300C and conveyor are mounted on the lower elevations.

Complexes quality control material on the suction flow

Samplers AO-VTI and PK mounted on the drive drum of the conveyor and the sampling of flow. Bunker drive, gate valve, sample-preparing machine MPL-150M1R and conveyor (screw, scraper) mounted on the lower elevations, the dumping of dropouts after the reduction to the lower conveyor.
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